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CALL MAMA my first novel: a mystery thriller set in USA centres on the abduction of fifteen year old Lucy Mears, daughter of Brenda Mears, a self-made business woman of wealth who expects a ransom demand. Alarm bells ring when no such demand materialises and family and investigating authorities suspect a more sinister motivation for the disappearance of the girl.

This is a story of abduction, turmoil and revenge, a page turner that will have readers on the edge of their seats as they journey across many states until finally discovering the bizarre reason for Lucy’s abduction.

An enthralling read very entwined plot and a surprise ending left me feeling I must read the sequel would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good mystery I feel the author has a lot more of this story to tell.

An excellent read. The storyline was gripping, exciting, and had me worrying about the fate of the characters. A couldn't put down book and the phsycological twists and turns kept me guessing until the surprising end. Looking forward to the sequel.!!!!
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SCAMPER’S FIND a sequel to CALL MAMA is set four years after the abduction of Lucy Mears. Set in Scotland, London and USA it deals with the aftermath of the abduction, introduces some new characters such as Brody Cameron, a rather eccentric forensic scientist, and re-connects the reader with some old friends including Tony Harvey, Carole Carr and Molly Kelly. Scamper, a curious dog begins a series of page turning events which readers of CALL MAMA will surely enjoy.
A TALE OR TWO AND A FEW MORE is a compilation of short stories of various genre, exploring every day family life where misunderstanding and reconciliation, loss and tragedy are sympathetically explored. Experience if you will, the thoughts of a World War 1 veteran in a poignant tale based on real life; empathize with a young boy bereft at the loss of his sibling; laugh at the fantasy world that children understand and adults are excluded from. These and other tales make up this little compilation.

Some tales will make you smile, others shed a tear - just like life. The writer observes human nature and turns it into a good 'Tale'. Would recommend as a good airport book
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THE LECI LEGACY final part of the Lucy Mears series, explores the effect of Lucy’s abduction more than a decade later, where ripples of the crime stir up long-forgotten hatred and cause heartache and pain, where memories, once pushed into the background, now surface when a startling revelation is uncovered. What connects four young people, a troubled youth and a resentful politician should have readers of Lucy’s trilogy enjoying the final jaw-dropping disclosure of THE LECI LEGACY !
THE CLOCK THAT LOST ITS TICK AND OTHER STORIES is a bedtime story book for young children, where an unhappy jelly runs away from a party, a sweet little girl upsets her aunt, a little boy is sad when he loses his favourite pompom hat, and where a young at heart grandpa causes trouble. These and other stories should keep the reader and listener captivated!

A CASE FOR JULIE is set in a quiet village where all is not as it seems, when underlying events surface and cause Julie Sinclair to move from writer mode to detective mode in an effort to restore tranquillity to the village. Readers of genre such as Miss Marples should enjoy the adventures within this little book.

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