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Happiness is a five star review from a stranger.

A smile from someone in the street who says' I've read your books, love them.'

Recognition from the bank teller who says: 'I saw you in the local paper'.

A friend who says,' you have inspired me to write'.

And questions from people:' When is your next book coming out?'

I am blessed.


The Leci Legacy

The Leci Legacy

My new book, The Leci Legacy, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Here are some reviews;

A thrilling read with twists and turns like a Disney roller-coaster, The Leci Legacy follows the first two books in the Lucy Trilogy by author Terry H. Watson. The first and second novels, Call Mama and Scamper's Find, introduce us to the complex characters and thrilling plot lines that come to a conclusion in The Leci Legacy. I couldn't put this book down until I found out the who, what, when, where and why's that kept me enthralled till the last page. I can't wait till Terry H. Watson publishes her next thriller. Don't miss this series.

Just finished the final part of The Leci Trilogy - the Leci Legacy - by this new author who is one to watch out for.This is a well researched, enjoyable mystery series Heartily recommended. MCL, Glasgow.



If anyone had told me when I began writing CALL MAMA in 2014 that I would write a sequel to it, let alone a third book to complete the trilogy about Lucy, I would not have believed them. CALL MAMA was an experiment, in a way, for me to see if I could in fact write a short story. It grew from a proposed novella into a novel. The plot never really left me; there were loose ends to tie up, and so CALL MAMA grew into a second novel, SCAMPER'S FIND. Any thoughts of having finished writing were soon wiped away as reader after reader contacted me for more, more, more books. Oh, dear, it was never meant to be like this, but, armed with pen and paper, well, finger and keyboard, I embarked on THE LECI LEGACY to complete a trilogy.

Meanwhile, I wrote a children's book, a new venture for me: THE CLOCK THAT LOST ITS TICK and OTHER TALES, and then decided to re-write my short story compilation A TALE or TWO and a FEW MORE, never having been really happy with it.

I haven't hung up the pen yet, and am half way through a novella (I heard that word somewhere before!) A CASE for JULIE, is a kind of Miss Marples story... and so, the writing just grew, and grew and continues to grow. I hope you read my work, enjoy it and post a review.


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