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Any of you who read my blog of 27/01/2016 will know that I do not do erotica, so settle down to this wee innocent bedroom tale.

I pride myself on being an organised kind of person, so, having ordered a new bed I set to have a mass cupboard clear out and ceiling and wall painting session. I pondered on Michelangelo and his painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Did he have the same problem as me with drops of paint landing between the gaps in dust covers? Probably not as he wouldn't have used Crown paint. Sigh.

Anyway, I digress.

'B' day arrived. Right on time, in came two lovely guys with new bed and before you could say, 'sleep-tight' they had the bed in place, tided up and left with instructions to let the bed 'breathe' for a few hours before putting covers on it. On cue, a few minutes later, two strong lassies arrived to remove old bed to their charity shop along with bags of stuff from afore-mentioned clean out. Following on their heels were friends with shopping for me as I was unable to leave home due to said beds coming /going. After coffee they departed, leaving me to view new bed. Horror-of-Horrors, it was the wrong bed! Frantic phone calls back and forward between shop and delivery guys and with panic setting in, resulted in same two lovely guys arriving back to remove wrong bed. The only problem was that the correct bed could not be delivered until one week later. So, bed-less, sleep on floor, I hear you say, but thankfully I had the foresight some years ago to purchase a sofa-bed. Problem solved, so while awaiting the arrival of correct bed, I have found time to blog, to read and to write.



I suppose like any organisation or business an author should take stock now and again of what has been achieved.

My writing world has been on a roller coaster ride since summer of 2014 when I first put pen to paper and I take this opportunity to summarise what has been published and what awaits the discerning reader!

THE LUCY TRILOGY, the story so far:

CALL MAMA recounts the story of the abduction of 15-year-old Lucy Mears, a crime executed for obscure reasons and resulting in investigating officers travelling across several states in the USA in a desperate attempt to track down the perpetrators of the crime and bring them to justice. Have they arrived too late at the ultimate destination to rescue the traumatised child and arrest her unknown abductors? Or, are they in time to discover the mysterious purpose behind the abduction?

SCAMPER'S FIND continues to explore and develop the consequences of Lucy's plight. This results in the same investigating officers crossing the Atlantic to the UK and joining forces with detectives who unwittingly become involved in the now four-year-old unsolved crime. Scottish detectives investigating a heinous crime of their own, find themselves caught up in a perplexing and appalling outrage that also involves their London counterparts. Lasting friendships are made in the relentless pursuit of justice. Officers of the law work together and, where twists and turns become the order of the day, they endeavour to conclude their investigations.

THE LECI LEGACY final part of the Lucy Mears series, explores the effect of Lucy's abduction more than a decade later, where ripples of the crime stir up long-forgotten hatred and cause heartache and pain, where memories, once pushed into the background, now surface when a startling revelation is uncovered. What connects four young people, a troubled youth and a resentful politician should have readers of Lucy's trilogy enjoying the final jaw-dropping disclosure of The Leci Legacy!

Also published is A TALE OR TWO AND A FEW MORE, a compilation of short stories of various genre.

Coming soon: a children's bedtime story book, THE CLOCK THAT LOST ITS TICK AND OTHER TALES. Look inside this little book, meet new friends and enjoy their adventures. Discover why jelly ran away. Find out why Sarah was upset at Christmas time. Enjoy grandpa's antics. Travel with Baby Dyno to a Scottish loch. Meet Freddies mysterious friend and find out why Rosie is unhappy. All this and more await you as you turn the pages of The Clock That Lost Its Tick, and Other Tales.

Also in preparation, A CASE FOR JULIE. Mysterious events in a quiet village bring Julie Sinclair out of writing mode into detective mode in an attempt to restore peace and harmony.



Flicking through social media sites, as you do, I was thrilled to see myself as an author, promoted for Winterland

Book signing event to take place in Glasgow in December. Chuffed to bits to see CALL MAMA and SCAMPER'S FIND highlighted.



With the nights closing in and clocks soon to be changed, winter is fast approaching.

Winter? A time for hunkering down by a warm fire, glued to TV?

Not for me...not this year. There's so much going on in the world of books.

#bookweekscotland has events going on all over the country November 21st to 27th. I've been invited to take place at a book event or two.

#scottishbooktrust have a #readingdare

Are you up for a challenge? I dare you to review a book on amazon...any book you like.

This time of year too, #acoatbridgeadvertiser are running their #shortstory competition for primary children and, once more I've been honoured to be one of the judges. If last years entrants are anything to go by, it should be fun!

Later too, in December Glasgow is hosting #glasgowswinterwonderland, a feast of book signing events. So, all in all, I don't think I'll be suffering from Winter blues.


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