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I wonder how many of my generation remember hearing those words on the wireless well before the term 'wireless' was hijacked by technology. The programme was called: Listen With Mother and went out on BBC radio programme weekdays at 1:45. It consisted of nursery rhymes, songs and stories that I devoured.

It got me thinking about the value of story telling for children. I was immensely privileged to have regular bedtime stories told to me by my father: I huffed and puffed with the three little pigs, was relieved when little Red Riding Hood's granny was safe from the big bad wolf and shouted with delight,' Who has been sitting in MY chair?' as I helped Snow White count the seven dwarfs as they set off for work. Such happy memories! I remember too, that my father would make up his own stories. One that I remember was about a little girl who just happened to be my age, who packed her suitcase ready for a holiday in Blackpool: the story told of sea and sandcastles, Punch and Judy, donkey rides, ice cream and fun days. I woke in the morning to discover the story to be true, as we set off on our summer holiday. A wealth of memories have stayed with me to this day. I hope you too had bedtime stories and passed them on to your families.

With this background, I recently wrote a compilation of short stories for young children, The Clock That lost Its Tick and Other Tales, aimed at young children. Watch this space for publication date and read to a young person: The Jelly That Ran Away/ Grandpa's Visit/ The Boy With The Pom Pom Hat/ and several others.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.


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