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The mark of a good author I think, is if a character becomes real for the reader; if the reader can visualise, emphasise and relate to a character the story becomes more interesting.

Today, I had an e-mail from one of my characters! A real live person with the same name as one of the character's in #Call Mama contacted me, inquisitive as to how I had come to choose her name. Purely a coincidence, but quite a thrill to hear from her.

Anyone else had such a meeting?



Have you ever taken medication that has done more harm than good? Then join the many people who suffer from side effects of so called cures.

I know that's it's an impossible job for doctors to know every side effect of every pill, but how frustrating is it to return to a doctor and relate side effects, only to be told, 'yes, that is one of the effects of that particular medication'. ��

Anyway, what has all this to do with writing? The effects of recent meds have lost me over a month of writing time: no concentration, tiredness coughs etc etc. The stories were there in my head, desperate to see the light of day, but confined to wait for the fog to clear.

Now, I'm happy to report that, so far, the replacement meds have had no adverse effect and I have taken up the pen, well, mouse actually, and returned to polish off ' A Case For Julie' and have begun a follow up, 'Julie Takes a Break', both novellas, a kind of Miss Marples storyline.


Another book coming soon.

Delighted to announce that I have finished writing a Novella: A Case For Julie.

Now the hard work comes! Proofreading/Editing/ e-book conversion/ cover design/ printing etc etc.

Thank goodness for Indie Authors World and Kim and Sinclair MacLeod, publishers par excellence.

Watch this space.


Do coffee and crime go together? They will, at Blether café, Sinclair Drive, Glasgow on Tuesday 23rd May as part of south side fringe festival. I'm part of the panel of crime writers invited to take part in this book event. Join me and Barbara Lawther and Sinclair MacLeod for an interesting evening of crime chat as you drink your coffee.



Happiness is a five star review from a stranger.

A smile from someone in the street who says' I've read your books, love them.'

Recognition from the bank teller who says: 'I saw you in the local paper'.

A friend who says,' you have inspired me to write'.

And questions from people:' When is your next book coming out?'

I am blessed.


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