I am a retired and very contented special needs teacher and have recently embarked on a writing career, more from curiosity than from any desire to join the literary world. Curious as to the length of time it takes to write and publish a book, I set myself a challenge to have my first novel published before I hit the big 70 birthday.

As an avid reader, I was keen to read the next book in a series of seven in the Witness series, by Rebecca Forster. Unable to locate it, I contacted the author only to discover that she was in the process of writing it and that it would not be available for several months. Through regular correspondence with her, I gained not only a friend but a mentor, and learned something of the process of giving birth to a book. Decision made to attempt to write my first novel!

I’m a Scot, born and bred and living in Glenboig with my husband Drew, my unofficial marketing manager who can sell ice to Eskimos and books to staff in a coffee shop while I sit and enjoy a coffee and newspaper, unaware of his selling techniques.

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